Book 33 – Demorph for Me, Daddy Ft Avery Edison

Well known podcast trickster Nate is up to his hijinks right away. Today the Morphy Boys are joined by Avery Edison (@aedison) to discuss some torture. We jump into it talking about Beetlejuice Ventura. Avery comes into the podcast with a piping hot take right away. We need to put a stop to Scholastic book fairs until we can figure out exactly what the hell is going on there. Tyler comes at this one raw. Some talk about leg quenching. We talk about sexy presidents. Nate chose Soundgarden over Animorphs. We all agree the Chee are the ultimate vape rigs. Avery rags on Tyler and puts him in his place. The Boys and Avery agree that Sadam Hussein is a great leader because Jake said so. Tyler wants to be the shaved ice boy. Avery throws out a controversial Visser 3 take. The plan the Animorphs make is well written and definitely makes sense when executed. Pain is normal. Pain is life. Life is pain. Never trust.

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