Book 34 – Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Baleen ft Drew

Nate starts the episode talking about his crimes. Are you man enough to defraud the Walgreens? All-star and heavy hitter Drew (@anrilefebvre) joins the Morphy boys once more to continue the saga of Aldrea for book 34. They compare aliases. Then Tyler goes into tinder stories. Then Nate brings up the girl who took Tyler’s virginity. They then discuss how Cassie has a strong internal monologue. Marco loves the Phantom Menace. Nate posits that this book is The Clone Wars so it’s time for mc chris. Cassie gets a ghost in her brain. Tyler derails a nice thoughtful point to talk about horns and holes. All in all this is a sad book. Nate explains what “mouth bored” is. Chili lime salt for dem ears. Nate is always one-upping Tyler. Nate interrupts Drew. Drew does an amazing shredder sound effect. The Animorphs do a crazy plan that involves dropping a whale on stuff. Drew does whale facts. No human is ten feet tall. We learn a lot about whale milk. It’s intense. Nate thinks he can take a taxxon in water. We do not stan Paul Walker.

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