Book 32 – Zap Goes the Dracon Beam, Zapruder Goes The Kennedy Head – ft Erin Moynihan

New type of girl dropped—the dolphin girl. Author, podcaster, and traumatized person Erin Moynihan (@erbearmoynihan) joins the Morphy Boys to talk about the starfish. One of the most reviled books. It’s very horny. Nate is not a teenage girl nor is he horny. Does anyone remember Coneheads?  We give unadulterated and unfiltered opinions. Nate LIKES this book. Nate gets Tyler’s ass and makes him tell a story from Tyler Trauma Zone (TTZ). How many subways is a pre-k kid? Nate can’t stop commenting on people’s bodies. Erin has glasses so we know she’s a smart blonde girl. The Morphy Boys and Erin then discuss how the interests of girls and women are a shorthand for weakness and how that’s bad. Nate and Tyler arm wrestle to establish dominance and Tyler goes Over the Top. It’s a draw. The boys try to appeal to conservatives. Rachel beats a guy to death with her arm. Marco is a disgusting dweeb. We talk about how men can use friendships with women for sex and how that is also bad. The book gets into whipping and weirdness. It’s good and bad. Visser 3’s trap is ridiculous and perfect. Visser 3 is against self harm. It’s good!

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