Book 31 – Do You Smoke Painkiller ft Ben Saint

Tyler starts this episode chugging a box of cold soup, disappointing our wonderful guest Ben Saint (@ItsAllSoUgly) from the Pro Crastinators Podcast. There’s discussion of The Lying Kid. This is not the book to like Jake. He sucks. Who is your Beast War of choice? Just kill your dad! Or brother! Who care! As a podcast that doesn’t give a chuff about plot holes, this book was so egregious that we had to address it. It’s stupid! Jake’s having some sadboy moments after his great grandfather dies. We redefine peregrine falcon mating. Ben shares Andalite Truth with Nate. If you want to get out of a day, just hide in your dads pants. But that won’t save you from your vice principal doing a drive by shooting.  The Animorphs do the stupidest torture ever. The book itself falls apart and Jake proves—once again—that he is unfit to lead. We laugh at it. Please clap.

Watch the Animorphs 101 lecture here:

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