Book 30 — Looking for Large Sharp Women ft Dr Samantha

The Morphy Boys are in rare form for this one. Recording in the middle of the night and drunk as hell. Dr Samantha (@samanthorium) joins/tolerates them to talk about book 30 and cockroaches. Nate does his best to keep Tyler on track. We dive deep into a humorless and manic Marco. We talk about skipping school. Y’all ever skip school to play Dance Dance Revolution? Dr Samantha is better at measurement than all of us and owns us when we call Shaq a unit of measurement. A new take on Robert Frost emerges. We don’t trust people who think they’re winners. We have a responsibility to explain what a cranny is. No nooks. Sting and The Edge are the same person. Tyler tells an atrocious cockroach story. Marco goes all manic and manipulated the group. It’s all pretty good. Or is it. That’s the Animorphs ghostwriter dilemma. The back half of this episode is deep dive into what makes Marco the Marco he is. Please enjoy.

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