• Book 8: Put this Biomatter in My Dumb Human Mouth

    We get into the mind of the alien Ax-Man. Ax goes to see Star Trek. Ax steals candy from a child. The yeerks are dying in front of people. Tobias […]


    The Animorphs fight the smoke monster from LOST. Rachel loses her memory. Marco does a sexism at a birthday party. Ax has fleas. Marco steals a truck and drives into […]

  • Book 7: Owls Are the Chads of the Night

    Nate goes raw. Rachel has daddy daughter day. Rachel wrecks a Russkie. Rachel gets put in the middle of her parents divorce and wants to FEEL THE POWER. Ax eats […]

  • Ask The Animorphs: David Mattingly

    The Morphy Boys sit down (via ZOOM) with Animorphs cover artist David Mattingly. David crafted the iconic Animorphs covers, worked in TV and film, comics, and book covers. We chat […]

  • Book 6: Out Of the Frying Pan and Into The French Person’s Mouth

    Jake has a dumb dream that doesn’t go anywhere. The Animorphs turn into cockroaches. Tobias saves Jake. Tyler talks about doping people up. The Animorphs infiltrate a yeerk hospital as […]

  • Book 5: Lobster with Human Lips

    Marco and the fellas—Jake, and Ax—run afoul some retail workers. Ax loves TASTE. The Animorphs get eaten and then go to space. Tyler does gorilla facts. The Morphy Boys share […]

  • Book 4: Chill Vibes and GRATITUDE

    Tyler is horned up from the jump. Cassie has been having dreams. Tobias has been having them too. Jake sucks. The call is coming from inside the ocean. Cassie doesn’t […]

  • Book 3: The World’s Saddest Bird Boy

    The Morphy Boys jump into the head of Tobias and he is a depressed mess. Not fun! The Boys talk about their own depression. Tobias falls in love with a […]

  • Book 2: Feminism, Fluffer McKitty, and You

    The Animorphs steal a gun. Rachel defeats a rapist. Rachel pulls a cat heist! Visser 3 aka The Cat Respecter. A father’s love is very strong. Strong enough to defeat […]

  • Book 1: Woooah oooh Mr. Knifetail!

    Five teens get the power to turn into any animal they touch after meeting a space centaur. Brain slugs are infiltrating the planet. The teens gotta stop them. Jake eats […]