Book 37 – Latent Catgirl Tendencies ft Tatsyl

It’s the Animorphing Time spoooopy/spooooky episode. Jumping in to join the Morphy Boys to talk about book 37 and cheetahs and weaknesses is the wonderful Tatsyl (@atxhellcat). We’re drinking Pumpkin Spice. The Morphy boys share a secret: they love Boones Farm Fine Wines. We learn cheetahs invented covid-19 in Oregon. We did it. We blew it all up. Humans should still hunt with cheetahs. New Animorphs race drop! It’s a Sonic Hedgehog! A middle manager Sanic is here to bungle Visser 3’s day. Don’t trust your managers. They’re your enemy. We all take turns analyzing the warrior king and hubris rich brain of Rachel. Rachel is really into Oedipus for some reason. We discuss how Rachel is leaning towards some right wing violent fantasy type stuff because of her insecurities. We go off on judges and how they’re bad. Then the Animorphs do a 9/11 to save Cassie. This one is wild.

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