Book 36 – Don’t Mind if I Just Do It ft Malassa

It’s the Animorphing Time morning zoo crew awooooga! Joining the Morphy boys is Malassa from @BigMissStakePod to talk about orcas and “Atlantis.” Oh baby. Nate comes in hot saying that this is his favorite Animorphs book. Watch out, baby, Atlantis is coming! Malassa comes in even hotter with her name pronunciations. Nate remembers too much of Water World. The Morphy boys deep dive (LOL) into some Oregon free Willy lore. Then they land their first sponsorship whaaaaat! That’s right, this podcast is brought to you by NIKE! This book is off the rails. Just read it. How would you cut up a whale? More importantly, if your body was gonna be stuffed and preserved forever, where would you put it?

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